Art Bell has passed away at age 72.

According to Las Vegas KTNV ABC 13

Radio show host and long-time Pahrump resident Art Bell has died.  Bell was the original owner of the Pahrump-based radio station KNYE 95.1FM and was known across the U.S. and in Canada for his paranormal radio program, “Coast to Coast.”  He passed away at his home in Pahrump at age 72.

As a young adult in the early 90’s, I enjoyed staying up late at night to listen to Bell’s conspiracy theory filled and often paranormal broadcasts. I’d tune in and try to find some of the secret documents and crazy things he talked about on the internet (which was still in it’s infancy at the time) and even post some of the silliness on my own websites. I called in to his show one time and got through on the air. Art and I discussed crop circles and other silly things for a few minutes, that was a quite a thrill!

My obsession with Art Bell, was an innocent passion. I knew it was mostly crap as his show was billed as pure entertainment, but it was so much fun and brought a little piece of joy and mystery to my life. Hey you never know… these crazy things he’s saying could happen! Right?

Art Bell was a Master at his craft. He would set the mood with reading news stories and “secret documents”. He would build up the narrative up to a crescendo and then just as he was about to release the smoking gun… he’d go to commercial. But this would only leave you ponder what you just heard. Then he’d return with some crazy caller who was an “ex area 51 worker”, or part of some secret government project, and the interview would just totally blow you away! In fact, one of Art Bell’s “interviews” is featured on a tack in a song called Faaip De Oiad, by the popular Hardcore Metal band Tool.

Here is the full interview:

Art was so amazing at telling his stories that he was probably responsible for reviving many old myths and speculations from previous conspiracies long laid to rest. I remember one year specifically, he really pushed the “Chupacabra” conspiracy so hard that it actually became a pretty big pop culture phenomenon for a while. The band I was in at the time even wrote a song about it. Another one he brought back was the defunct top secret CIA MK-ultra program. That sort of evolved into the “Remote viewing” conspiracy. And of course, because he lived/broadcast really close to AREA 51, as you could expect, he was real big into the Alien Conspiracies.

I believe that listening to Art Bell had a positive influence on my life, helping me shape a bit of my personality, and teaching me to search out some sort of truth, even when it’s buried deep in bullshit, because the journey of discovery is the true reward of any quest.

Twitter is also mourning this loss:


The fact that he died on Friday the 13th would have amused him greatly.

See you in Dreamland my friend.


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