Welcome to theNewsBlender.com!

We have worked very hard to create a site with the intention of encouraging open, civil, respectful discussions. We all know and have experienced otherwise around the online world. In fact, it’s difficult to go anywhere that has not devolved into nasty chaos.

We also want to develop a community of people who are dedicated to that same goal. We want to encourage those who may disagree with us about things to join us and discuss it, as long as it’s rational, respectful, and civil.

If we want that from others, we have to be that ourselves.

As I said, we have worked very hard, long hours to put this site together. And we continue to work hard to put forth the content that we believe our visitors will enjoy discussing and learning from. All of those involved are doing this on a voluntary basis.

We do ask that everyone here understands that and respects that effort.

The “Don’t Be A Jerk” Policy

We don’t want to laden everyone with a bunch of strict rules for participating in the discussions. We believe that if we attract the right, rational people with the environment we provide, then these people are capable of behaving like civil adults. The only rule we have considered to implement for our comments area thus far has been, “Don’t be a jerk”.

Although that will remain the overall gist of our moderating philosophy, we do find it necessary to lay down a few guidelines of expectations. The “Don’t Be A Jerk” standard includes all of the usual stuff like not excessively swearing, disparaging others based on being part of one of all of the usual groups, or immature name-calling. We’re not attempting to create any sort of “safe space”, but nobody needs to tolerate jerks, either.

It also means that we do not want to see disparaging comments by name of any specific Disqus user or any negative comments about other similar blog websites. Frankly, we are not putting in all of the hard work in order to provide a platform to start any flame wars between other users or websites. We hope that everyone can understand and respect that. That simply will not help us to grow and succeed in providing the productive discussion environment that we envision.

Open Threads

We ask that people please respect the work that is put into the stories published and refrain from commenting off-topic as much as possible. We don’t want to be super-strict about this, but we also do not want the entire comment section to be hijacked from the topic of the story. If a new visitor comes in and is interested in discussing that story, but sees all of the off-topic comments, they are likely to leave and not come back. This is detrimental to our work and our overall goals.

Therefore, we have created specific open threads for people to gather and discuss anything you’d like (following the “Don’t Be A Jerk” guidelines). These threads are clearly marked and available at all times…we start one in the morning with Lenny’s Polls and another in the evening with Beth’s News Notes.

We ask that everyone please respect these simple guidelines. We will provide friendly reminders as we see any issues and truly hope that we don’t have to resort to any banning, but realize there will be those whose only intent is to disrupt.

Now, go forth and be good TNB Citizens!

Help us create something different.