Mission Statement:

We promote Founding Principles by providing a place for discussion and education through community building and civilized debate.

Why “The News Blender”

We believe that every news outlet is biased, just as (and because) every person is biased. It’s simply a part of human nature. To expect an objective news outlet is just expecting the impossible.

The biases in each media outlet play out in various ways, but the most common results of it are in the stories that they choose to focus on and the facts in each story that they choose to present or leave out.

Most stories on most media outlets are factually accurate as far as the facts that they present, but the same story covered on a liberally-biased news outlet will be presented with certain facts that play to their bias, and will be covered by a conservatively-biased news outlet with the facts that represent their bias.

In order to get all of the facts, one must view both stories and attempt to pull out all of the facts and dismiss anything that may be biased opinion. That’s what we will attempt to do at TheNewsBlender.com.

We want to “blend” all of the facts in order to get a complete story and then provide analysis based on all of those facts. It does not mean we are here to present both side’s opinions and work to achieve compromise…it only means we are attempting to get the facts that each side is leaving out.

Beyond blending the biased news to get all of the facts, we also want to blend the news with basic civic education. We believe in the importance of having informed citizens making decisions for our Republic. Without a solid understanding of basic civics, it’s just not possible to analyze each day’s issues and form an educated opinion on what is best for the nation. Therefore, when presenting stories, we will attempt to demonstrate how each story relates to basic civics and provide context for the issues.

Lastly, we want to blend the news and politics with lighter content that is more fun and entertaining. We believe that all politics, all the time, is just not good for the soul. Sometimes we just need some fun.

A blending at all of these levels will, in our hopes, work to build a solid, respectful community of people who will have a place to discuss important issues, learn important things, and do so in a fun, enjoyable manner.

Our Bias Disclosure

As we believe that every person is biased and, therefore, every news outlet is also biased, we see the problem in the media in that they do not disclose their biases. They try to put forth the pretense that they are objective, and that’s where the dishonesty lies. And make no mistake, this is done by conservative media outlets (like FoxNews) as well as liberal media outlets (like CNN).

We believe the public would be much better served if everyone recognized their biases and made an attempt to disclose them. In that vein, most of the authors and contributors at The News Blender have a conservative world view.

We believe in the principles that founded our Republic and the Constitution that was created based on those principles to protect our rights. As our mission statement above indicates, we will attempt to make the case for those principles through this website, while welcoming and encouraging respectful discussion.