Mid-Term Election Watch

On Saturday in Utah, the GOP met to determine who would be their nominee seeking to replace Senator Orrin Hatch, who is retiring. None of the twelve hopefuls, including former Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, captured the sixty percent needed to secure the nomination to head to the November ballot unopposed.

After the Second round of voting Utah, state rep Mike Kennedy led with 50.88% of the vote, Mitt Romney came in second with 49.12%.

This means there will be primary election held on June 26th, 2018.

Mitt Romney also made news Saturday as he failed to state whether he’d support President Trump in 2020, according to CNN,

“I will make that decision down the road,” Romney, who is running for US Senate, said in an interview with CNN as he waited for his turn to speak at the Utah GOP convention where he was vying for his party’s nomination. “As a person of political experience, if I endorse someone, I’ll want to know what’s in it for Utah and what help would he provide for us on key priorities in Utah.”

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