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According to a report which you can read here from, Axios

President Trump and lawmakers say they may try to undo some of the 1.3 trillion spending bill that passed and was signed last month. The proposed cut, 60 billion, the target possibly Foreign Aid, but,

A GOP source: “The idea generally is one that congressional leadership is taking seriously, reviewing, and supportive of. It’s unlikely Congress would be able to pass a $60 billion rescission. A smaller rescission is possible.”

I’m in favor of spending cuts, but what I’m more in favor of, is lawmakers and presidents, that don’t simply pass something to see what’s in it, then try to save face afterward, by proposing an insignificant ‘spending cut’ that truly cuts little if anything at all.

As a reminder this 1.3 trillion dollar bill only supports the government until Sept. 2016, when the ‘spending fun’ gets to start all over.


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