Nancy Pelosi Speaks at Georgetown University

On Tuesday House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) spoke to the students of Georgetown University, Washington, D. C.

The Town Hall event was hosted by Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service, with students asking the House Minority Leader questions, one such question, though it is unclear from whom the question was asked, was about supporting Pro-life democrat candidates, according to a report from The Hill:

In contests in which both the Democratic and Republican candidates oppose abortion, “we would support the Democrat,” she said, “in order to get that gavel to protect all the other rights that we have.”

The Hill also reported that Pelosi spoke to her support of Rep. Daniel Lipinski (D-Illinois), a seven-term abortion opponent that faced a tough primary, which he survived against a liberal challenger that made reproductive rights central to her campaign:

“I supported him. I took heat for it. He’s pro-life,” Pelosi said. “But we will have a pro-choice gavel when we win the Congress. We need to have at least 218 votes to achieve that.

This is not the first time Nancy Pelosi has taken this stance, as reported by The Washington Post from May 2nd, 2017:

She also suggested that the party’s presumed rigidity on social issues is one reason that Democrats were unable to appeal to segments of the electorate that might otherwise have been in tune with their broader agenda.

During the Georgetown event Nancy Pelosi also criticized students who censor campus speakers, according to an article from the Washington Examiner:

“Just don’t show up. Why give them a crowd?” Pelosi continued. “I think let’s give everyone their say and let them hoist themselves on their own petards if they’re coming in with anti-Semitism and anti-women and anti-the rest, because while I don’t like what they have to say, I wouldn’t empower them, and when you do that you empower them. That’s just my view.”

The House Minority Leader was also confronted by a student over calling the GOP tax cut bill, Crumbs:

The student named by the Washington Examiner as Sam from Northern Virginia, explained to the House Minority Leader, that his parents, both small business owners, have been able to hire more employees, pay off their mortgage, and it’s also helped them be able to afford college for Sam, he asked her if she would still refer to the effects of this tax bill on the average American’s as “crumbs.”

Her answer as reported by the Washington Examiner:

Yes, there are some benefits that some are feeling in a particular way with the tax bill,” Pelosi said. “My statement was really a fuller statement that says while they provide a banquet for the top one percent, they are giving some crumbs to other people. That has been something that has been taken up by others as well, some on the Republican side.”

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