RedState Dismisses Writers

Donald Trump. You're Fired Meme. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

It was reported Friday by CNN Money that the conservative outlet RedState, owned by Salem Media, has fired many of their writers.

Erik Erickson, a former RedState editor who retired from the site in 2015 tweeted Friday morning:

In a blog post @ The Resurgent, titled “RedState is No More” Erik Erickson writes:

My understanding from the writers is that there were two contracts, one more expensive than the other. Most of those on the expensive contracts were tossed, though some very good ones will stay. Of those under the cheaper contracts, it seems the dividing line was loyalty to the President. In fact, among those under the expensive contracts, I’m aware of some writers having near equal traffic generation, and those insufficiently loyal to the President were fired.

His post seems to confirm what is being reported by CNN Money:

“They fired everybody who was insufficiently supportive of Trump,” one of the sources who spoke with CNNMoney said, adding, “how do you define being ‘sufficiently supportive’ of Trump?”

CNN Money goes on to say that they obtained a internal memo that points to another motive for the purge, money:

“We had to make some tough changes to RedState today,” Townhall general manager Jonathan Garthwaite wrote in the memo. “While these changes are painful, they were necessary once we reached the conclusion that we could no longer support the entire roster of writers and editors.”

Of those writers that have been fired we can only confirm five via tweets:

Though it is unclear based on the tweet it’s believed that Jay Caruso has also been fired:

Also via twitter we found two writers who state they were not fired:

Erik Erickson has invited those fired to write at The Resurgent for now.

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