Still Never Trump

Guest Editorial By GretchensR

I read an article on RedState a little while ago about who Never Trump was. Well, I found the article to be somewhat on point but it was the nice version. In light of recent events over at RedState, perhaps a little less pleasantry is called for?

The Never Trump movement within the ‘conservative’ circles was not just a dissatisfaction with the man, it is an ideology that seemingly has no name anymore. Where once Never Trump would have been called principled conservatives, we are now purists unable to be pleased. If Jesus, Himself, came down to Earth and were named Trump, we would not be pleased!


Wrong. Never Trump does not hold politicians in the same light as a savior. Our thinking is not that shallow. We have reasons we do not like the policies of Trump and his new party, the Trumplicans. The Trumplicans used to be a respected political party, they talked a good game and people listened, going to the polls to vote religiously for their Republicans. But somewhere along the line during the last eight years, a shift occurred in the mindset of many a Republican.

Instead of quantifiable goals being set forth for Republican representatives, the electorate allowed their emotions to be used against them. Mean tweets are now tantamount to country changing legislation, a harshly worded snippet about media bias takes the place of policy dialogue, and massive failures on campaign promises are just ‘the way it is’.

It would seem the Trumplican Party came about before Trump even floated down the escalator of enlightenment, it just did not have a leader to bring it’s full potential out.

Never Trump? We do not accept any of this. This is why we did not vote for Trump in the primaries or in the general. This is why we do not, on the whole, support his policies today. That is why we laughed at the notion of ‘keeping Trump’s feet to the fire’.

In the end, Never Trump stood on their principles whereas the Trumplicans decided a binary choice was easier to defend. This is odd considering that many Trumplicans still profess to care about being fiscally and socially conservative.

How does one square being a fiscal conservative when the members they faithfully elect every election cycle have proven, over and over, they do not care about a $20+ Trillion debt (HALF of which the Trumplicans voted for!)?

How does one square being a social conservative when the members they faithfully elect every election cycle have proven, once again, they do not care by voting for budgets that fund every liberal agenda item?

Never Trump is not so much about opposing the man, although his tenure thus far speaks volumes as to why he is unfit to be POTUS, as it is about opposing the ideology of Trumpism that brought him to power.

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