Sunday Morning Tweets

Sunday Morning with President Trump Tweets.

President Trump’s first tweet references a soundbite released by ABC to promote James Comey’s latest interview set to air Sunday evening on ABC. This is what James Comey had to say,

“It must have been,” Comey responds, adding, “I don’t remember consciously thinking about that, but it must have been. I was operating in a world where Hillary Clinton was going to beat Donald Trump. I’m sure that it was a factor. I don’t remember spelling it out, but it had to have been. That she’s going to be elected president, and if I hide this from the American people, she’ll be illegitimate the moment she’s elected, the moment this comes out.”

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At this time it is unknown if Comey lied to congress, that’s more of a they said, they said, issue.

DNC server:

Podesta says,

“The head of the failed campaign called the FBI’s approach to the DNC Russia hack “fairly casual” and “lackadaisical.”

“If anything, it’s on the FBI that didn’t come forward and really inform the DNC about what was going on until long after,”

Comey says (testified),

“The bureau made “multiple requests at different levels,” according to Comey, but ultimately struck an agreement with the DNC that a “highly respected private company” would get access and share what it found with investigators.”

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Roughly 10 minutes later President Trump shifts gears,

For more of why the use of the words “Mission Accomplished,” were seized on, you can click Here.

And, like that, he flips back to Comey,

Switch thrown,

He is, of course, speaking out against the FBI for issuing and serving a warrant on his personal lawyer Michael Cohen’s office. In court filings on Friday, it was revealed that Michael Cohen is the subject of a criminal investigation and has been for months. The investigation is into his private business dealings, not into his dealings as an Attorney.

And, like that, we have shifted thought once again,

J. Edgar Hoover

and one hour ago, our Sunday Morning with President Trump tweets closes out with this,

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