Sunday Morning With Trump Tweets: Rally Edition

On Saturday President Trump held a rally in Washington, Michigan skipping the White House Correspondents Dinner for the second year in a row, here are some highlights:

Clip from CNN:

In this Clip President Trump speaking about the meeting between the Korean leaders:

I had one of the fake news groups this morning, they were saying, what do you think President Trump had to do with it, um, how about everything

Some in the crowd chant “Noble Noble Noble” prior to his comments around the 12 minute mark from the full rally video posted below.

In the above clip President Trump talks about Russia collusion, it comes about the 19 minute mark in the full rally posted below.

Nobodies been tougher on Russia. You know why, if she did that, because Putin and the group said, “you know this Trump guy is killing us, go out and say you work for the government.”

In the above clip President Trump says:

Community Colleges are great, but nobody really knows what they are. When I was growing up, we had things called vocational schools.

Full Rally Speech provided by CNN via YouTube:

Highlights without clips posted above:

At the 24 minute mark President Trump defends Admiral Jackson against the dishonest media. Says Jon Tester should lose Montana. Calls Comey a liar and a leaker. Talks about the “lovers” from the FBI.

At the 29 minute mark President Trump talks about bringing car making factories back to Michigan. Mentions the Republicans giving him an award six years ago, “Republican of the Year”

At the 50 minute mark President Trump pauses for one or two people that have become ill in the audience and are attended to by medical staff.

At around the 54 minute mark he talks about his election, and the upcoming mid-terms. He states that if the house goes blue, they will impeach the president. Won’t have a lot of happy people if that happens. He continues stating the republicans are going to win the house.

Corey Lewandowski arrives at the 58 minute mark and says:

This is Trump Country. We love you Michigan. Thank you for supporting Donald J. Trump as your next President of the United States thank you very much.

Sunday Morning Trump Tweets:

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