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Stormy Daniels releases sketch of man she says threatened her

Stormy Daniels on Tuesday released a rough sketch of a man she says threatened her in 2011.

The adult-film star, who claims she had an affair with President Trump more than a decade ago and was paid for her silence, released the sketch during an appearance on ABC’s “The View.”


SCOTUS nixes part of law requiring deportation of immigrants convicted of some crimes

The Supreme Court on Tuesday invalidated a provision of federal law that requires the mandatory deportation of immigrants who have been convicted of some “crimes of violence,” holding that the law is unconstitutionally vague.

The case, Sessions v. Dimaya, had originated during the Obama administration but had been closely watched to see if the justices would reveal how they will consider the Trump administration’s overall push to both limit immigration and increase deportations.

What is known about former first lady Barbara Bush’s health

Former first lady Barbara Bush is receiving “comfort care” at her family’s home in Houston after deciding she wanted no further medical treatment for unspecified health problems.

IRS website suffers technical difficulties on Tax Day

Americans waiting until the last minute to pay their federal taxes have a new problem on their hands: The IRS website is having technical difficulties.

The tax agency’s Direct Pay system, which lets people pay an estimate of taxes directly from their bank account free of charge, was down early Tuesday afternoon, hours before the midnight deadline for people to file their 2017 taxes.

Another GOP congressman announces he’s resigning

Pennsylvania GOP Rep. Charlie Dent announced Tuesday he is resigning in the “coming weeks,” a decision that came after he first said he’d be retiring at the end of his term in Congress.

The moderate Republican tweeted the decision came after discussions with his family and “careful reflection.”

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