Trump Tweets: Humpday Edition

United States President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump dance. Photo by Spc. Ayla Seidel.

The current government in France is called the Fifth Republic it began in 1958. This was after a coup at the hands of French military in colonial Algeria convinced officials in Paris to dissolve Parliament, according to out of fear that the military could extend their control beyond Africa the government called in former general Charles de Gaulle to hold the country together. goes on to explain:

To do so, he crafted a new constitution. Under this government, the president has substantial power, holds a term of five years (it was originally seven) and, following a change to the constitution in 1962, is directly elected by the French people. (de Gaulle held the position until 1968.)

The Fifth Republic differs dramatically from other French Republics once again according to

the head-of-state appoints a prime minister to lead the Parliament (which is comprised of a Senate and a National Assembly), controls the armed forces and France’s nuclear arsenal, can dissolve Parliament, and can hold referendums on laws or constitutional changes.


@ New York Times: Debbie Lesko Wins Arizona Special Election for Congress, Rallying G.O.P.

@ CNBC: Republican Debbie Lesko is the projected winner in Arizona’s House special election

PBS News Hour: Republican Debbie Lesko wins special U.S. House election in Arizona

@ Fox News: Republican Debbie Lesko wins Arizona House special election

@ CNN News: CNN projects: Republican Debbie Lesko wins in Arizona special election

Tim Cook the CEO of Apple is scheduled to meet with the President at 1:45pm Eastern Time. The meeting will be closed to the press.

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