Tuesday Morning With President Trump Tweets

Trump Tweets Logo. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

Happy Tax-Day Everyone! Remember the deadline to file your federal income tax is tonight by midnight.

Earlier from The News Blender Shinzo Abe Meets Trump Amidst Scandals.

This is the second time Prime Mister Shinzo Abe has met with President Trump at Mar-a-Lago.

According to the LA Times the meeting will focus on North Korea and its nuclear weapons program.

It’s being reported today that Governor Jerry Brown (D-CA) has rejected President Trump’s administration’s initial proposals for a National Guard Mission on the CA/Mexico border, after stating last week he would accept federal funding to boost the states National Guard.

According to the Business Standard,

“We’ve made this refined request, it’s gone through the process and then we’ve got a signal from the governor that he is not participating.” Deputy Assistant Defence Secretary Bob Salesses said the initial request envisioned sending 237 Guardsmen to two main crossing areas in Southern California, where they would have conducted maintenance, clerical assistance and helped with heavy equipment operations, among other tasks.

President Trump’s National Guard order would eventually see 4000 troops along the border that spreads four states, so far about 960 have arrived. In Texas 650. In Arizona 250. New Mexico about 60.


Southwest Border Photos

Once again, Happy Tax-Day!

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