Baltimore Area Suffers Catastrophic Floods

The Baltimore vicinity has had a torrential downpour strike already-saturated ground, resulting in devastating floods.  The area has received anywhere from 8 to 10 inches of rain over the last 24 hours, and low-lying areas are dealing with floods that have washed away cars and submerged entire first floors of buildings.  Structural damage has been extensive enough in some areas to cause partial or complete collapse of buildings.  Ellicott City, which was devastated by a similar flood (then dubbed a “once in a thousand years” flood) in 2016 is now dealing with a disturbingly familiar swell of water.

From the Baltimore Sun:

Murky brown water ripped through Main Street — the epicenter of flooding in the region — in the late afternoon, submerging cars and businesses’ first floors for nearly two hours. By nightfall, flood waters had begun to recede. The cycle replayed scenes from 2016: Customers stranded in restaurants, storefronts destroyed and cars overturned.

And it’s not just Ellicott City.  The Weather Channel reports of other damage in the area:

Multiple water rescues were reported in Howard County, where Ellicott City is the county seat, according to NBC Washington. Residents have been urged to remain indoors and move to the second or third floor of buildings. Residents were also urged to stop watching rescues. Rescue crews were responding to reports of buildings collapsing on Sunday evening.

Damage reports are still coming in… and it’s still raining, though not as heavily as it was earlier in the day.


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