Fitness Instructor Opens Fire in Trump Golf Resort

On Friday morning a Doral, Florida man, entered Trump National Doral Miami Golf Club removed an American flag from the property. He then carried the flag inside the club house lobby, draped the flag over the counter, starting yelling “anti-Trump,” rhetoric, before he fired shots into the air hitting the roof and chandelier.

The authorities arrived, the suspect, who was later identified as Jonathan Oddi, age forty-two, fired at the officers, four from Doral, one from Miami-Dade, who returned fire, hitting the suspect several times in the legs, he was then quickly apprehended.

The police did not immediately describe the motive for the attack, although Juan Perez, the Director of the Miami-Dade Police Department feels, Oddi’s intentions were to ambush the police officers:

“We don’t know what his intentions were — long-term intentions — but we know what he was trying to do at the time, and it appears that he was trying to engage our police officers, some kind of ambush-type attack, trying to lure our police officers,” Perez said speaking at press conference held Friday morning.

Authorities said no guests or employees were injured, but that one officer suffered a broken arm while apprehending the suspect. They add that while it appears to be an isolated incident and that Oddi was working alone that the FBI and DHS are involved in the investigation.

Full press conference.

Who is Jonathan Oddi?

Oddi, a South Africa native, who became an American citizen in August 2017, the  Miami Herald reports, posted frequently on social media, calling himself a fitness instructor, real-estate investor, plus a manager at Pegasus dealing with minerals and gemstones. He also according to the Herald held a “very Miami side job,” about five years ago, working for Dancing Bear, a website that posted porn video’s and also male stripping video’s.

A look at his social media postings offer little in pinpointing a political leaning varying from screenshots of news stories, to toting cashews as a natural anti-depressant, and quotes from both rapper Notorious B.I. G. and Confucius.

In one post the Herald reports he praised the First lady, “#flotus rocks! She sets the example of mannerism. She counters Trumps aggressiveness.” In another post he blasts the government for giving money to Israel, “They have free healthcare and college. but we don’t because we can’t afford it!”

Oddi has been charged with attempted murder.

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