Governor Of Missouri Wins Court Victory

In February republican Governor for Missouri Eric Greitens was indicted with one felony count of invasion of privacy, when he allegedly took a nude photo of his hairdresser, without her consent.

On Monday Prosecutors dismissed the felony charge, after Judge Rex Burlison ruled that the Governor’s lawyers could potentially call Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner as a witness.

Gardner’s spokesman Susan Ryan, said in a statement:

22nd Circuit Judge Rex Burlison made an unprecedented decision by granting a request by Governor Greitens’ defense team to endorse the Circuit Attorney as a witness for the defense. The court’s order
places the Circuit Attorney in the impossible position of being a witness, subject to cross-examination within the offer of proof by her own subordinates.

Speaking outside the courthouse Governor Greitens said, “This is a great victory and it has been a long time coming.” The Governor went on to say the experience has been humbling and that he “has emerged from it a changed man.”

The prosecutors have less than a month to refile the charge due to statute of limitations.

The governor still faces another felony charge for tampering with computer data to defraud, no trial date has been set.

The News Blender reported in early May Missouri Lawmakers are planning to hold a special session to discuss impeachment. The special session, if it happens, will start this coming Friday evening thirty minutes after the close of business.

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