Mass Exodus: Congress

Republican Congressman Thomas Garrett of Virginia announced Monday he will not be seeking re-election and is stepping down in January. The announcement comes on the heels of a Politico report last week were four ex-aides to the Congressman told the magazine he and his wife had turned them into servants, having them do tasks such as grocery shopping, or taking care of their pet dog. In his video announcement on Monday the congressman also said, he was battling alcoholism The Hill reports.

Garrett is the latest in a long line of republican’s not seeking re-election.

Out of the roughly forty-seven R’s that have either left or announced their intention to leave the House, twelve are seeking higher office, five moved into the Trump administration, seven, including Garrett have left under the cloud of scandal, and twenty-three are retiring.

Republican Reps leaving Congress amid scandal

Joe Barton (R-Texas) told the Dallas News in November he would not seek re-election once sexual images he shared in an extramarital were made public.

John Duncan Jr. (R-TN) In April Knox News reported that the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) found that Duncan improperly used campaign money for personal expenses. Duncan who announced last summer he wasn’t seeking re-election calls the report “so false and misleading that it is almost ludicrous.”

Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) In April The News Blender reported that Governor Abbott had issued a proclamation setting a special election for Farenthold’s vacated seat, the congressman having announced his retirement amid sexual harassment claims, left his term early, forcing the Governor to call a special election.

Trent Franks (R-Arizona) resigned in December after the Ethics committee opened an investigation into potential sexual misconduct. Franks said in a statement via NBC, that he had discussed his interest in finding a surrogate mother with two women on his staff.

Patrick Meehan (R-PA) Announced in January via CNBC that he would not seek re-election, after he was accused of sexual harassment, in April he resigned from the House.

Tim Murphy (R-PA) In October 2017 announced he would not seek re-election when it was alleged the pro-life Murphy asked his mistress to have an abortion the Washington Post reported.

Out of the roughly twenty D’s that have either left or announced their intention to leave the House, eight are seeking higher office, one became the Attorney General for CA, one passed away in office, Rep. Louise Slaughter age 88 (NY), four face scandals, and six are retiring.

Democrat Reps leaving Congress amid scandal 

Robert Brady (D-PA) facing accusations of paying off a would be challenger announced via the  Washington Post in January he was retiring from Congress. Brady denies any wrong-doing even after one of his consultants Donald Jones plead guilty in December to making false statements about the payoff.

John Conyers Jr. (D- Michigan) via the LA Times resigned in December after several female accused the longest-serving member of the House of sexual harassment.

Ruben Kihuen (D-Nevada) announced in December he would not seek re-election via Politico when a former campaign staff and a Nevada lobbyist both accused Kihuen of sexual harassment.

Elizabeth Esty (D-Connecticut) resigned in April via Vox after reports surfaced that her Chief of Staff Tom Baker had threatened to kill his one time girlfriend, but Esty waited two months to open an investigation even though she heard the threatening voice mail.

Ballotpedia has a list of those retiring from both chambers or seeking higher office.

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