Primaries! GA, KY, AR & TX (runoff) (Final)

Today’s a primary day!  And a runoff election, too!  It’s the Battle of the Staceys for the Democrat chance at the Georgia Governor’s seat!

This thread will update as races are called in the various states. Specific information about races and candidates are welcome, particularly from voters in the affected states.

Only winners of competitive races will be noted. Anyone running unopposed is assumed to have won.

The major races, and links to local updates:

GEORGIA (11 Alive):

Projected winners:

Governor: Casey Cagle / Brian Kemp (R – Runoff), Stacy Abrams (D)

House 1: Lisa Ring (D)

House 3: Drew Ferguson (R), Chuck Enderlin (D)

House 4: Hank Johnson (D)

House 6: Lucy McBath / Kevin Abel (D – Runoff)

House 7: Rob Woodall (R), Carolyn Bordeaux / David Kim (D – Runoff)

House 9: Josh McCall (D)

House 10: Jody Hice (R), Tabitha Johnson-Green (D)

House 12: Rick Allen (R), Francys Johnson (D)

House 13: David Callahan (R)



Projected winners:

House 1:  Paul Walker (D)

House 2: Hank Linderman (D)

House 3: Vickie Glisson (R)

House 4: Seth Hall (D)

House 5: Hal Rogers (R), Kenneth Stepp (D)

House 6: Andy Barr (R), Amy McGrath (D)


ARKANSAS  (5News):

Projected winners:

Governor: Asa Hutchinson (R), Jared Henderson (D)

House 2: Clarke Tucker (D)

House 3: Steve Womack (R)

House 4:  Bruce Westerman (R)



Projected winners:

Governor (D): Lupe Valdez

House 2: Dan Crenshaw (R)

House 3: Lorie Burch (D)

House 5: Lance Gooden (R)

House 6: Ron Wright (R), Jana Lynne Sanchez (D)

House 7: Lizzie Fletcher (D)

House 10: Mike Siegel (D)

House 21: Chip Roy (R), Joseph Kopser (D)

House 22: Sri Kulkarni (D)

House 23: Gina Jones (D)

House 25: Julie Oliver (D)

House 27: Michael Cloud (R), Eric Holguin (D)

House 29 Phillip Aronoff (R)

House 31: Mary Hegar (D)

House 32: Colin Allred (D)


Remember and spread the word… there WILL be other candidates on the ballot for most of these elections, come November. While the Republicans and the Democrats take up most of the oxygen in the room, continuing to allow only a “binary choice” ensures that the two parties can be corrupt without fear of penalty.

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