Primaries! PA, ID, NE, OR (Final)

Today’s a primary day!  Of particular note is Raul Labrador, member of the Freedom Caucus, running for Governor in Idaho.

This thread will update as races are called in the various states. Specific information about races and candidates are welcome, particularly from voters in the affected states.

Only winners of competitive races will be noted. Anyone running unopposed is assumed to have won.

The major races, and links to local updates:


Pennsylvania has three races that are reporting all, or nearly all, votes counted with the final totals close enough to invite potential recount:

House 7 Republican, with 16,004 votes for Marty Nothstein and 15,696 for Dean Browning

House 10 Democrat, with 13,924 votes for George Scott and 13,376 for Shavonnia Corbin-Johnson

House 12 Democrat, with 12,492 votes for Marc Friedenberg and 12,360 for Judy Herschel

Projected winners:

Governor (R): Scott Wagner

Senate (R): Lou Barletta

House 1: Brian Fitzpatrick (R), Scott Wallace (D)

House 2: Brendan Boyle (D)

House 3: Dwight Evans (D)

House 4: Madeleine Dean (D)

House 5: Mary Scanlon (D)

House 7: Susan Wild (D)

House 8: John Chrin (R)

House 9: Dan Meuser (R), Denny Wolff (D)

House 11: Lloyd Smucker (R)

House 12: Tom Marino (R)

House 13: John Joyce (D)

House 14: Guy Reschenthaler (R), Bibiana Boerio (D)

House 15: Susan Boser (D)

House 16: Ron DiNicola (D)

House 18: Mike Doyle (D)



Projected winners:

Governor (R): Brad Little

Governor (D): Paulette Jordan

House 1:  Russ Fulcher (R), Cristina McNeil (D)

House 2: Aaron Swisher (D)



Projected winners:

Governor (R): Pete Ricketts

Governor (D): Bob Krist

Senate (R): Deb Fischer

Senate (D): Jane Raybould

House 1: Jessica McClure (D)

House 2: Kara Eastman (D)

House 3: Adrian Smith (R)


OREGON (Sec. of State)

Projected winners:

Governor (D): Kate Brown

Governor (R): Knute Buehler

House 1: John Verbeek (R), Suzanne Bonamici (D)

House 2: Greg Walden (R), Jamie McLeod-Skinner (D)

House 3: Earl Blumenauer (D)

House 4: Arthur Robinson (R), Peter DeFazio (D)

House 5: Mark Callahan (R), Kurt Schrader (D)

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