Saturday/Sunday Trump Tweets with a Side of Cavuto

It’s been twenty-fours hours since President Trump, who is at his golf club in Sterling, Virginia, rumored via twitter, via the President’s Pool of reporters to be meeting with Rudy Giuliani.

Given President Trump hasn’t tweeted let’s travel to May 3rd, our destination Fox News, our host Neil Cavuto.

On May 3rd, Fox News show host Neil Cavuto asked during his segment called Common Sense, asked the President:

“How can you drain the swamp if you keep muddying the waters?”

He goes to list of a variety of topics that the President has stated one thing, only to turn around and state another thing, some highlights below:

@ the twenty-three second mark Neil addresses the Stormy Daniels payment:

“You didn’t know about the $130,000 dollar payment to a Porn Star until you did.”

@ the fifty-seven second mark he says:

“I’m having a devil of time figuring out what news is fake.”

@ the one-minute and eleven second mark Neil having discussed the Russian interference with the 2016 election stating the numerous times President Trump has denied that Russian did try and meddle with the election until a lot of Republican’s reminded him that they did:

“Came back months later and said, “‘Well I never said that Russia did not meddle in the election,'” “When in fact you had a lot.”

@ the one minute and twenty second mark:

“Now none of this makes me a nevertrumper, just always confused.”

Neil continues for the next couple of minutes going through the firings of Rex Tillerson, Steve Bannon, Reince Preibus, the departures of two of his personal attorney’s, John Dowd and Ty Cobb.

The next minute and half is spent going over what some have called President Trump lies, others exaggerations, from vote fraud to electoral landslides, and how many Bill’s the president has signed.

@ the three minute and forty four second mark Neil says:

“Again none of this makes what you say fake, just calling out the press for being so, a bit of a stretch. You are right to say some of them are out to get you, but often times they are using your own words to bash you. Your base might not care, but you should.”

May fourths segment, posted above, is four minutes and twenty seconds.

On May 4th, Neil Cavuto addresses the social media comments that his May 3rd commentary caused, the full segment is seven minutes and twenty seconds.

@ the one minute and six second mark after Neil replays his some of his comments from the previous show he says:

“Pretty clear, but a lot of you clearly ticked off.”

Below are just some highlights via Fox News’ Neil Cavuto:

The against:

Frank B (Facebook)

Neil you proved today that you are leftist liberal and a moron. Will no longer listen to your show. ciao!

Bobby S. (Facebook)

Welp…You just lost millions of Trump supporters today with your little rant on your president today Neil. Enjoy your low ratings.

Linda R. (Facebook)

I listened to his dribble. I was astounded. Cavuto has become a true jerk…today was the last time I will use my electricity to watch your fat face.

The For:

Linda W. (Facebook)

Totally agreed with your closing editorial. Sad to see many cannot see past their blind devotion. Trump causes his own problems.

Tim W. (Facebook)

Your commentary today in the last minutes of your show nailed it! And I’m a republican.

Barb C. (Facebook)

You are 100% correct. I love your commentary.


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