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President Trump has once again misquoted James Clapper as we covered yesterday @ The News Blender, Clapper had on Tuesday been on the View and was asked by Joy Behar “did you have a spy in the Trump campaign?” To which Clapper said, ““No. They were not, they were spying, a term I don’t particularly like, but, on what the Russian’s were doing, Trying to understand were the Russian’s trying to infiltrate, trying to gain access, trying to gain influence and leverage, which is what they do…”

On Tuesday The Daily Caller published an article, the title “Sources: FBI Agents Want Congress to Issue Them Subpoenas So they Can Reveal The Bureau’s Dirt”

The article states that some in the FBI would like Congress to subpoena them so they could reveal the truth about James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and others without fear of retribution. The DC says, they have spoken with three people “in direct contact with active field agents.”

On Thursday President signed into law a bill that undoes parts of the Dodd Frank bill.

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