Wednesday Lenny Polls 5/16/18 (Open Poll)


Effective immediately TNB readers can now vote in Lenny Polls without using Twitter. Each days final tallies will now contain a combination of results from your votes on The News Blender, as well as the votes from the Twitter Lenny Polls account. We’ve also added the polls from each days blog on the side bar for even easier vote casting. One of the three polls of the day will randomly show up each time the page is loaded. This new improvement means you can vote from this page or the side bar without sending off to Twitter like before, or requiring you to have any kind of account to do so. I hope to see more of you voting and commenting in the future, because now there are no excuses!

Yesterday’s Final Results 5/14/18

(Tallies are combined from both TNB and Twitter )

[democracy id=”11″]

[democracy id=”12″]

[democracy id=”13″]

Today’s Polls 5/15/18

Cheeky Sea-Monkeys

[democracy id=”14″]

Body Piercing

[democracy id=”15″]


[democracy id=”16″]

Feel free to vote, comment on the poll choices, and post your own answers below. Image posting permissions are enabled in the comments section so long as they are not abused.

This is an open thread.

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