What is the Cost of President Trump’s Weekend Trips?

What is the cost of President Trump’s weekend Trips?

Easy enough question or at least one would think so, but in reality, it’s a tough question, without any true concrete answers, just guesstimates based on what other presidents have cost taxpayers for making similar trips.

In December the Wall Street Journal estimated President Trump had spent about one-third of his time in office away from the white house visiting either Florida or New Jersey.

In January Judicial Watch obtained travel records from the U.S. Department of the Air Force per the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  The records indicate that just for flights as of January it had cost the taxpayers 13 million dollars. These trips are for both political and leisure purposes.

Leisure trip flight cost via Judicial Watch

  • President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump flew to his Bedminster golf club on June 30 and returned July 3. Flight time was 2.8 hours at $15,994 per hour for a total of $44,783.30.
  • President Trump and Melania Trump flew various trips between Bedminster and New York for a vacation on August 4 through August 21. Flight time was 5.9 hours at $15,994 per hour for a total of $94,364.60.

Political Trip flight cost via Judicial Watch

  • President Trump flew to Yuma, AZ, to meet with Marines and then attended a campaign rally in Phoenix on August 22. He flew 10.6 hours at $142,380 per hour for a total of $1,509,228.
  • President Trump flew to Springfield, MO, on Aug. 30 to appear at a rally as a kickoff for tax reform at the Loren Cook Company. He flew 3.8 hours at $142,380 for a total of $541,044.

Since President Trump was sworn in, the White House has refused to confirm whether or the not the President Golfed while at one of his properties.

The Secret Service as of January had not handed over the documents Judicial Watch had requested via FOIA, in February, Judicial Watch, sued the Secret Services.

Article of interest: Money & Career Cheat Sheet lists some key factors in President Trump’s travel to Mar-a-lago, with figures being estimated as best they can.

Why it should matter:

When government officials, including the president travel, the cost is on the shoulders of taxpayers, whether at a State or Federal Level as Tom Fitton is quoted as saying, “The president is accountable to the taxpayers – they spend our hard-earned dollars and that’s why Judicial Watch keeps track of certain travel costs,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Trump’s regular trips to his homes are adding up to a hefty sum.”

It’s estimated the total spent on Former President Obama’s travel for both personal and political reasons cost the taxpayer for eight years in office 114 million dollars.

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