Why Must We Be NeverTrump?

Guest Editorial by Shadowman


The title begs a question, doesn’t it.

“Why must we be NeverTrump?”

Well, why must we breathe air? Seems silly, right? We breathe air to live, yes? Yes. Everyone knows that. If you stop breathing, you die. Your organs fail, your body shuts down.

It is the same with principles. If a country gives up its principles, its moral fiber, what does it have left? An economy, you might say. But an economy requires a specific way to run things. A set of principles that allow it to function.

Countries too, require principles. As do the people who inhabit them. The voters, vote the principles they think best represent them, or their family, their country, their interests.

So why must we be NeverTrump? Because if we do not, we will not have principles. We will lose our moral fiber. Our country will die. We will have given it up. It is not even so much the man himself, but what he espouses. Fascism, authoritarianism, cronyism, moral decay, illegality, sin.

People who give up their principles, and conversely, countries that do, do not make it. We must be NeverTrump for our principles, our way of life, our children’s futures. There is only one life we live and one can either spend it afraid and submitting to the whims of evil men, or one can spend it being an example for others to follow.

We are not “traitors”. We are not “cowards”. We are not “purists”.

We are honorable and nothing more. Those without honor will always smear and attack those without. But we are what we are to show this country, and her people, that bad people and terrible ideals never win the day.

Donald Trump is the manifestation of society’s worst sins. He is a soulless man who attacks the weak, the vulnerable, the innocent, in ways that are unconscionable if you or I were to do them.

This man is head of the most powerful nation on Earth. Why? Because Americans have failed in their duty to only put forward the best, and not gravitate towards the worst.

Can we leave a better world to our children and grandchildren if we allow Trumpism to overtake decency and set philosophy? No. The world will descend into a chaos that it will never recover from.

We are NeverTrump because we must be. It is not a choice, but a duty. To ourselves, our futures, our families, and our children. If we were to support him, we fail them.

Stories throughout the ages tell of monsters, demons, tyrants. We are not those creatures. We are human, we have souls and hearts, and we are better than them.

That is why we must never emulate that behavior. No matter who our political opponents are. There is no excuse.

NeverTrump versus Trumpism is simply put, the battle between good and evil that has raged since time immemorial. Just because the battle may never be won, doesn’t mean we should give up, give in.

Being NeverTrump is our duty as humans. Because if we give in, we lose our humanity forever.

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