President Trump Meets the Press on White House Lawn

On Friday as was reported @ The News Blender, President Trump left twitter and joined Fox & Friends on the White House lawn.

Highlights as told through tweets 

President Trump speaking about the North Korean “deal” aka joint statement.

“I signed a statement where we get everything.”

Talking about Sarah Sanders, the Press Secretary for the White House,

“She’s very talented.”

“Sometimes you don’t take such a high road.”

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President Trump also once again says, that parents of those killed that remain behind in North Korea have begged to have their sons remains back home, and “That’s happening now.”

President Trump once again states the policy to separate families at the border is a democrat bill. The policy started in April of 2018 under the direction of Attorney General Jeff Sessions who on Thursday defended the policy.

The FBI responding to the OIG’s report “In the judgment of the OIG, there was no evidence that these actions were the result of bias, political preference, or an effort to influence the election. page 535

When asked about his lawyers in a letter explaining to Special Counsel Robert Mueller that President Trump did in fact dictate a letter to the New York Times about the Trump Tower meeting with a Russian informant, President Trump says, “it was a letter to the phony New York Times.”

Asked about Paul Manafort’s legal trouble, President Trump says

“he feels bad for him.”

He adds it’s unfair they “burst into a lawyers office.” Michael Cohen’s law office was raided, the FBI had a legal search warrant to recover documents as part of an investigation into money laundering and wire fraud.

Paul Manafort worked for President Trump’s campaign from March of 2016 until August 2016 (144 days)

The full interview 

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