On Thursday a gunmen entered the offices of the Capital Gazette opened fire and took the lives of 5 people.

Anne Arundel County Acting Chief William Krampf, released the names of the 5 victims, he also would not confirm the gunman’s identity. In an earlier update on Thursday, Acting Chief Krampf told the gathered press another update would happen sometime Friday Morning.

Rob Hiaasen 59, worked for the Baltimore Sun as a feature writer before joining the Capital Gazette in 2010 as an assistant editor and columnist. His brother, Carl Hiaasen also a writer, posted this on his Facebook page

Gerald Fischman, 61, was the Capital Gazette editorial editor. He joined the paper in 1992. He married late in life announcing to the newsroom he met an opera singer online from Mongolia. Shortly after they were married, when asked how he and his wife met, he is said to have joked, “I typed, ‘Mongolian opera  singer,’ into a dating site.”

John “Mac,” McNamara, 56, was a Capital Gazette reporter editor. While working as a news copy editor for the Capital Gazette he left to pursue his dream of becoming a sports writer. After a few years working for a competitor, Capital Gazette hired him back, he worked for them for almost twenty-four years. Jeff Barker a Baltimore Sun reported said of “Mac,” as he preferred to be called, “he was a loyal friend  with an infectious laugh, and he was a willing mentor for young journalists. In other words, he never allowed his professional distance to detract from just being a thoroughly decent person.”

Rebecca Smith, 34, had just been hired by the Capital Gazette in November as a sales assistant. Her boss Marty Padden, the Capital Gazette advertising director said of Rebecca, “She was a very thoughtful person,” Padden said. “She was kind and considerate, and willing to help when needed. She seemed to really enjoy to be working in the media business.” Rebecca’s Facebook page show several different pictures, from her with brown hair to blonde, her intro reads, “Endo Warrior. Dog Mom. Softball Fiance. Bonus Mom to the best kid ever.”

Wendi Winters, 65, a community correspondent who headed special publications. Winters moved from New York, where she worked in fashion and public relations, to Baltimore twenty years ago. Once there she worked freelance, making a name for herself as a reliable community source. One of her four children, Winters Geimer, told the Baltimore Sun, that the family was gathering late Thursday, “my mother was a wonderful woman and a fantastic reporter.” Her life was a gift to everyone who knew her and the world will not be the same without her. We are grieving and trying to make sure all of us can be together to celebrate the life of our mother.”

Capital Gazette reporter Chase Cook issued this tweet

The Capital Gazette sent out a tweet of tomorrows front page

All links unless otherwise stated go to the memorial articles @ The Baltimore Sun the parent company of the Capital Gazette.

At the writing of this post police officials from Baltimore still had not officially released the suspects name.

All of us at The News Blender offer our thoughts to the victims families and friends. May the victims Rest In Peace.

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