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The part of the opinion that’s not behind the paywall reaches the conclusion in part that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is all tainted based on the IG report that was released last week, based on the FBI’s agents showing political bias in their private text messages sent on government phones and computers.

Inspector General testified along with current FBI director Wray testified before the Senate J Committee, CBS news has highlights from the hearing, when the two were pressed on whether or not the IG report cleared President Trump or his campaign of collusion or obstruction of justice in regards to Russia,  “Horowitz said his office,”did not look into collusion questions. Our focus in this review was on the Clinton e-mail review.”

On the Russia investigation, Wray told lawmakers that he does “not believe” that Special Counsel Robert Mueller “is on a witch hunt.”


CA crime rates reported from 2011-2016 

Texas crime rate for 2016 “While we are pleased that the overall index crime rate has decreased somewhat over the last year, it is concerning that at the same time Texas experienced a significant increase in the actual number of violent crimes, particularly in many of our metropolitan areas,” said DPS Director Steven McCraw.

According to Department of Homeland Security since April, 1995 children were taken from their parents at the border based on Zero Tolerance, spokesman for DHS, Jeff Hoffman confirmed the number to media outlets during a conference call, via CNN.

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