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PHOTOS: Presidential pops

From Politico

From the Oval Office to the family room, POLITICO examines the politics of parenting for Father’s Day. Spoiler: Life beyond 1600 Penn is filled with couch-side cuddles, floatation devices and lots of father-daughter dances.


US ambassador to Canada got death threats after Trump tariffs

From The Hill

The U.S. ambassador to Canada was mailed a package containing a death threat and white powder on Thursday, Bloomberg reported.

The package contained a letter with a death threat against Kelly Craft, President Trump and members of Trump’s family, an official told Bloomberg.

The package was addressed to the Craft at the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa but was discovered by a mailroom employee at Craft’s residence, an embassy official told Bloomberg.

The police were then contacted and tests determined that the white powder was not harmful, Bloomberg reported.


Giuliani differs with Trump: IG report doesn’t exonerate him

From The Hill

President Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, said that he disagrees with Trump’s claim that the Justice Department’s internal report on the handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe “totally exonerates” him.

“Well, I don’t think it exonerates him,” Giuliani said in an interview with ABC News late Saturday.

“In some respects, it dramatically supports his position … that the people who conducted the Hillary probe who were extreme partisan for Hillary and against Trump,” he continued.


Dem rep: Congress could reach agreement on immigration if White House wasn’t involved

From The Hill

Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-La.) suggested Sunday that Congress could more easily reach an agreement on immigration legislation if President Trump did not get involved on the issue.

Richmond said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that he believes Congress should vote on immigration bills ahead of November’s midterm elections to show voters where each lawmaker stands on the issue.

But, he said, passing legislation “gets complicated” with Trump’s involvement.


Chicago soldier killed in Korea finally being laid to rest

From AP

Not long after her father went missing during the Korean War, Carol Elkin spotted then-Gen. Dwight Eisenhower in downtown Chicago and did what any kid might do when coming face to face with the nation’s most famous soldier: She asked him to bring her dad home.

On Tuesday, the now 76-year-old Elkin will be at Arlington National Cemetery to bury the remains of Army Maj. Stephen Uurtamo, nearly seven decades after he was taken prisoner by the Chinese and died.

It is a chance to say goodbye to her father, watch as his remains are laid to rest with the dignity and honor he deserves, and watch her children and grandchildren see that their own history is linked to the history of their country.


A Father’s Day Bonus Note from the “Not All Heroes Wear Capes!” File


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads in News Blender Land!

Feel free to tell us about your dad or a man who stood in the gap as a father figure for you. If your kids got you an awesome Father’s Day gift, dish about it in the comments! 


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