Thursday and Friday Trump Tweets



Axios a timeline for arrests, guilty pleas, and indictments, by the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team. The timeline was updated in April 2018.

A video of President Trump speaking about women.

At midnight President Trump tariffs on steel and aluminum went into effect against Mexico, Canada, and the European Union. The countries via CNN, have vowed to “fight back,” sparking fears of trade wars to come.

Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau on Thursday held a press conference, via Politico, the Prime Minster called the move “totally unacceptable.”

The Prime Minster wasn’t the only critic of the move, two republicans also fired back, Rep Paul Ryan (R-WI) Speaker of the House, said in a statement that he disagreed with this decision and that “instead of addressing the real problems of in international trade of these products,” the actions target “America’s allies.” Senator Ben Sasse (R-Neb) in his statement called the move dumb and added, “‘Make America Great Again’ shouldn’t mean ‘Make America 1929 Again.’”

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