Thursday and Friday Trump Tweets

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President Trump and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan hold a joint press conference ahead for their meeting it’s twelve minutes and thirteen minutes long.

In March the Washington Post obtained audio of President Trump admitting at a private fundraiser that he lied to Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau about our trade deficit with Canada, when according to the Commerce department we actually have a surplus, the audio can be found @ Now This News. 

Jake Tapper explains the trade surplus that might be a small deficit, saying that even if you take into account what Canada claims is a “deficit,” with the U.S. it’s still fairly small.

While waiting on Friday to depart for the G7 summit, that is suspected to be tense at best between at least 4 of the countries leaders that make up the G7, Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, President Trump told reporters that Russia really should have been invited to attend.

Russia was kicked out of the summit in 2014, in response to Russia violating international law by invading Crimea.


Wait…What…roughly twelve hours before this tweet, President Trump tweeted it was 300%.

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Congratulations on winning the Cup.

Happy Friday! 

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