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Toilet humor is generally frowned upon in polite company.  It’s used to describe any humor focused on bodily excretions.  Sometimes, though, it’s just humor about toilets.

For example, the video from this week where we learned that porta-potties can fly:

Personally, I suspect we now know what is really causing chemtrails.

There’s also the phone number immortalized in song by Tommy Tutone, 867-5309.  While not specifically mentioning a bathroom, no male who has used a public lavatory has evaded the ubiquitous “For a Good Time Call XXXXX” (alongside other, often literally and figuratively, more filthy graffiti).  After the song, Jenny, became popular the number was used for prank calls throughout the country.  A New Jersey DJ, Spencer Potter, thought it would be a good publicity gimmick to request the phone number… and he got it… and immediately regretted it.  Even though the song was written in the 1980s and he received the number in the 2000s, Potter fielded more than 100,000 calls a year from music fans and people who just thought they were funny.

In the end he had the last laugh: he sold the number on ebay.  From a 2009 article of American Songwriter:

On February 9th, Spencer Potter, the New Jersey owner of 201-867-5309, auctioned off the telephone number, along with his DJ company, netting $186,853.09 on eBay.

“This is really, in my opinion, one of the last cultural remnants of 80s pop,” Potter told CNN, “other than the mullet.”

And then there’s the urban legend about the Potsdam Conference, and a bathroom set aside for exclusive use of the Allied leaders.  From War History Online:

Legends of where they were found abound and as the word “legend” suggests, it’s fun to hope that they were true. One story involves Stalin going into a previously unused restroom at the Potsdam Conference to later say upon emerging, “Who is Kilroy?”

Apparently Kilroy wasn’t merely there, but he needed to use the facilities.

Question of the night: apart from the porta-potties, what’s the most unusual thing you’ve seen in the air?


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