Conservative Lawmakers Introduce Articles of Impeachment

Conservative House lawmakers led by Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Mark Meadows (R-NC) along with nine co-sponsors have introduced articles of impeachment against Deputy Attorney Rod Rosenstein.

The introduction of the articles of impeachment happened shortly after a meeting with DOJ officials concerning document production.

The Hill reports that Meadows released a statement saying, “For 10 months we’ve warned them consequences were coming, and for 10 months we’ve heard the same excuses backed up by the same unacceptable conduct. Time is up and the consequences are here. It’s time to find a new Deputy Attorney General who is serious about accountability and transparency.”

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed special counsel Robert Mueller to investigate any connections between the Trump campaign and Russia election interference.

The Washington Post is reporting that the move is likely to set-up a “Showdown” with House Republican leaders. The article goes on to say that Jordan and Meadows “stopped short of forcing an immediate vote on the measure.”

Mark Meadows tweeted the announcement

So far Robert Mueller’s team has indicted 33 individuals, 3 Russian organizations, with 191 charges. 5 individuals have pleaded guilty. Three of whom worked for President Trump’s campaign. Paul Manafort’s money laundering trial is set to start sometime next week.

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