Former Employee Sues Trump

On Monday a former employee of President Trump, then businessman Donald Trump, filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court of New York, against the Trump Organization alleging that he was forced to work, “thousands of hours of overtime without compensation.”

The former employee, Noel Cintron, was businessman Trump’s personal driver for over twenty-years until the Secret Service, “recently undertook that role,” according to the lawsuit, President Trump hadn’t given Cintron a “meaningful raise in over twelve years.”

The complaint calls President Trump’s behavior toward the former employee, “utterly callous,” and that President Trump, “exploited and denied significant wages,” to his longstanding personal driver.

One of Cintron’s lawyers, Larry Hutcher said in a statement via CNN, “Noel Cintron worked for him days, nights and weekends, but year after year Trump refused to pay him the wages he had earned,” Hutcher added, “a complete disregard for the rights of workers has defined his disgraceful record in business.”

In a statement, via CNN, a spokesperson for the Trump Organization said, “Mr. Cintron was at all times paid generously and in accordance with the law. Once the facts come out we expect to be fully vindicated in court.”

The White House directed all inquiries into matter to the Trump Organization.

The lawsuit is seeking to “recover overtime compensation, statutory penalties, compensatory and punitive damages, and counsel fees for the harm Plaintiff suffered while being employed by Trump.”

President Trump by law is obligated to answer the compliant within thirty-days.

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