Fox News Parts Ways With Kimberly Guilfolye

Friday July 20th, Vanity Fair is the first to report that Kim Guilfoyle is leaving Fox News.

Guilfoyle’s current boyfriend the son of the President, Donald Trump Jr, had his spokesperson Andrew Surabian, confirm the news, that yes she was leaving Fox News to hit the campaign trail with Don Jr, to become as one source told Vanity Fair, “more political,” and this source said that the relationship with Don Jr, was “serious,” and “they are even talking about marriage.”

Tuesday July 24th, The Daily Beast writes, that after CNN confirmed that Guilfoyle would be joining Don Jr, (Donberly is the couples nickname to friends and family) on the campaign trail and after the spokesman confirmed it, that the story could have ended there. However, according to the Daily Beast, staffers inside Fox News, have now waged “a covert war by spreading stories of alleged misconduct.”

The article states that “for many months” Fox News and Guilfoyle were looking at ways to part “amicably,” at least for public view, but according to the article, “the network blindsided Guilfoyle,” by releasing a single line statement that said, “Fox News has parted ways with Kimberly Guilfoyle.”

This type of campaign according to the article is not a new “tactic,” used by Fox News. It is said that former “Roger Ailes lieutenant Irena Briganti,” the head of communications and press operations, has done this before to Fox stars, such as Bob Beckel. Briganti offered this statement to The Daily Beast, “Fox News in no way, shape, or form has said anything about Kimberly other than the statement issued by the network on Friday. To suggest anything otherwise is absolutely false, downright malicious, and defamatory.”

Friday July 27th, Huffington Post published an article according to the author that was a year in the making, stating that Guilfoyle did not leave on her own, that instead, she was forced out after a human resources investigation into alleged misconduct.

This alleged misconduct according to the twenty-one sources from both inside and outside Fox News, that spoke to Huffington Post, on the condition of “anonymity,” ranges from emotionally abusing staffers all the way to “showing personal photographs of male genitalia to colleagues (and identifying whose genitals they were) and regularly discussing sexual matters at work.

One example of Guilfoyles behavior was that she was feeling slighted that she unlike two of her “The Five” co-stars had not been given her own show, one target of her “ire” was allegedly Judge Jeanine Pirro, who Guilfolye called “too old,” at sixty-seven to be on television. Two sources say that Pirro was aware of the comments.

Another example, her assistant three sources said was “deeply unhappy,” and “was desperate to get out from under,” Guilfoyles attempts to involve the assistant in her personal sexual matters, “[Guilfoyle’s assistant] was desperate to get away from Kimberly, she kept on trying to find a way to get a new job or get reassigned within the network,” a source who had spoken to the assistant told HuffPost.” The assistant was eventually reassigned.

The next example dates back to 2016 when it’s alleged that she pressured women to defend Roger Ailes, who was accused of sexual harassment. She is said by sources to have told Ailes lawyers and Fox News executives that two women were willing to publicly support Ailes, even though the two women, had offered no such support. These sources also claim that Guilfolye wanted the supporters of Ailes to publicly denounce his accusers.

As a reminder prior to dating President Trump’s son, Don Jr, Guilfolye was linked romantically to Anthony Scaramucci.

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