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@ The News Blender reported on Thursday night, that a tourist boat carrying 31 people capsized in Missouri, the boat was part of, “a tourist attraction, “Ride the Ducks”, associated with the popular nearby entertainment town of Branson.” 11 people have died, including children, 14 people injured and 6 are missing.

Our thoughts are with the victims families and friends and those that have been injured.

UPDATE: 17 are now confirmed dead, none missing

For editorial thoughts on President Trump’s presidential pressure being applied to the Federal Reserve @ The News Blender.

Bloomberg: According to the article, “mother nature is the real culprit,” when it comes to prices of U.S. soybeans, not “bad (terrible) trade deals.” The article explains that in 2012 soybean futures “soared to an all time high,” but in the seasons since, farmers in the “U.S. and Brazil, the top exporters,” had several back to back “bumper crops,” and as a result prices have slumped. The article does state that President Trump is right about the prices, it’s just not the whole picture. Soybean shipments have risen in recent years based on rising demand from China, which has “now put tariffs on American imports,” retaliating against President Trump’s tariffs imposed by the White House.

Its been reported by many news outlets that NATO is unchanged, the Allied Nations, back in 2014, reached an agreement to increase their budget spending, on their own military to 2% of GDP, by 2024, this is not altered, the percent or date unchanged.

For what its worth

President Trump re-tweeted three of his own tweets and four from Dan Scavino Jr., who assists President Trump as the Director of Social Media.

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