Monday and Tuesday Trump Tweets

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The News Blender — President Trump hosted Prime Minister of Italy Conte on Monday, the two held a joint press conference in which President Trump offered his full support to the newly elected Prime Minister.

The Wall Street Journal— John Kelly, is reportedly staying on as Chief of Staff for President Trump, until 2020. WSJ was the first to report the development ending speculation that Kelly was on his way out.  Other outlets have confirmed that President Trump asked Kelly to remain, and Kelly accepted.

Philip Rucker of The Washington Post confirmed with a White House official the WSJ reporting.

When Judge Kavanaugh was first nominated Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) announced he had “concerns” about Kavanaugh, which was reported by many media outlets, on Monday prior to a confirmation hearing that has of yet, not been scheduled Rand Paul, announced his support for Kavanaugh.

The New York Times: Robert Wilkie was sworn in as Secretary of Veteran Affairs on Monday, he takes over a department of 350,000 employees, 1,700 facilities, making it the “second largest federal bureaucracy after the Defense Department.” He plans in the coming weeks to “reassign a number of divisive political appointees,” to lessen their influence among the department according to a Defense Department official who is said to be familiar with Wilkie’s plans.

The New York Times — Friday Judge Dana Sabraw who ordered the Trump administration to reunite families separated at the border under the new “zero tolerance policy,” is quoted as saying, “great credit,” after reunifiying more than 1,800 children over 5 with parents or sponsors,” by the court ordered deadline. Judge Sabraw also pointed out, according to the Times, “The government is at fault for losing several hundred parents in the process and that’s where we go next.”


The News Blender — “Further highlighting the divide between the billionaires and the Trumpist GOP were remarks made a day earlier, in which top officials in the network lamented the “tremendous lack of leadership” from Washington and the “deterioration of the core institutions of society,” also adding that “the divisiveness of this White House is causing long-term damage.”

The News Blender — On Monday President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani explained that collusion isn’t a crime…

The News Blender — The DOJ settled a case that was started under the Obama administration to prevent the “blue prints” to build 3D printed guns from being offered via the internet. The settled case will allow the ability to download the specs needed to print 3D “guns.”

As a reminder this is not the first time President Trump has signaled his intention to direct his “staff” to infringe on 2A.

Programming alert there will be a thread for the rally with live stream available.

For what it is worth a government shut-down would impact both Border Patrol agents and ICE agents.

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