Speaker of the House Jim Jordan??

Rep. Jim Jordan (R, OH)

On Thursday a day after the Ohio conservative Rep. Jim Jordan announced along with Mark Meadows (R-NC) their intent to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosestein, a move the pair have placed on hold until after Congress returns from summer recess. Jordan has announced his intention to run for Speaker of the House.

The Daily Caller was the first to report the announcement stating that Jordan has said, “Should the American people entrust us with the majority again in the 116th Congress, I plan to run for Speaker of the House to bring real change to the House of Representatives, President Trump has taken bold action on behalf of the American people. Congress has not held up its end of the deal, but we can change that. It’s time to do what we said.”

The announcement is the first declared candidate to run against Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), to replace a retiring Paul Ryan (R-WI) who announced he was not seeking re-election, told reporters when asked about Jordan’s announcement, via CBS News, “I’m not going to be here, I support Kevin McCarthy, everyone knows that.”

Meadows had this to say via The Washington Post, “I appreciate [Jordan’s] willingness to put himself out there and try to make sure that this place works in a fashion that actually produces good results.”

Two conservative groups, Club for Growth and Freedom Works, offered their support, via the linked Post article, “The president is delivering, but Congress remains crippled by the status quo. It’s time to shake up Congress and elect a principled conservative to the speakership,” David McIntosh, president of Club for Growth said, while Adam Brandon president of Freedom Works said Jordan “would succeed where Speaker Ryan failed,” adding, “Far removed from the corrupt Washington establishment, Jim Jordan is a man committed to draining the Swamp.”

The News Blender reported earlier in July, that Jordan has been accused of  ignoring sexual abuse at the hands of the team doctor, during his tenure as an assistant wrestling coach from 1986-1994 for Ohio State.

Jordan has denied he had any knowledge of the reported abuse at the hands of Doctor Strauss, who passed away in 2005, several wrestlers disagree, saying it was talked about it frequently, one even publicly stating that he told Jordan himself of the abuse.

Last week Jordan was interviewed by Perkins Coie, the firm investigating the allegations against Strauss.

As the Post notes, Jordan would need 217 votes to win the speakership. It’s unlikely he would manage that vote, as the republican’s must remain the majority in order for his campaign to matter, for the 2019 Congressional session. Other names floated for the speakership are Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Steve Scalise (R-LA).

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