Thursday and Friday Trump Tweets

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Head of the EPA Scott Pruitt resigned on Thursday amid a growing number of ethical scandals and violations.

It was President Trump’s ninth campaign style rally in 2018.

Some twitter highlights

A couple of highlights

He mocked Senator Elizabeth Warren saying “at the debate we’ll toss her a DNA kit.”

Senator Warren “hit back.”

President Trump is scheduled to be in Great Britain next week, activists have announced plans to protest the President, London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, approved a giant balloon to float above Parliament.

The New York Times reports that protesters still need to get approval from “Metropolitan Police and from the British air traffic control before they can fly the balloon.”


“Won” =’s case dismissed by D.C. District Court Judge Ellen Huvelle, who ruled that the plaintiffs, Roy Cockrum, Scott Comer, and Eric Schoenberg, failed to prove that D.C. was the right jurisdiction for the lawsuit, “For the reasons stated below, the Court concludes that it lacks personal jurisdiction over defendants and, alternatively, that Washington D.C. is not the proper venue for plaintiffs’ suit. The Court will grant defendants’ motions to dismiss, deny plaintiffs’ motion, and dismiss plaintiffs’ suit without prejudice.”

Cockrum and Schoenberg are DNC donors.

Comer was a DNC employee.

The Hill reports that the lawsuit had no official DNC support.

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