TNB Night Owl – 25 Foot Jeff Goldblum

Sometimes, when your day isn’t going well, you just need Jeff Goldblum.  Not just Jeff Goldblum, but a 25 foot long Jeff Goldblum.  Not just a 25 foot long Jeff Goldblum, but a sexy 25 foot long Jeff Goldblum.

Okay, you might not need that at all.  But someone did, and that someone put him in London.  The statue was commissioned and erected by NOW tv to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the original Jurassic Park movie’s UK premiere.  (Elle)  And, after all, Jeff Goldblum apparently likes that location.

By this time, I’m sure some veteran night owls are thinking: “That’s fairly strange, but it’s also fairly simple.  We’re used to a touch more in our overnight ventures into the odd.”  To them, I nod and say that we’re not done yet.

Because this isn’t the first time giant actors have appeared in London.  Let’s go back and check the waterways in 2013… oh, there’s Colin Firth!

It’s a shame that we in America couldn’t produce a statue as odd and memorable as a giant Jeff Goldblum this week.  Or, wait, is that a foreign leader riding the famed Charging Bull sculpture in Bowling Green of Manhattan’s Financial District?  It is!  And… what are those he has with him?!?

Question of the night: What’s the sexiest, or most disturbing, statue you’ve seen?

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