TNB Night Owl – Traumatized Kids Have Fewer Cavities

Children respond to memorable images, and children need to brush their teeth.  These truths have resulted in the Cavity Creeps in Crest commercials, Sesame Street muppets singing about brushing and hundreds of variations of smiling cartoon teeth holding a toothbrush.

And now, thanks to Japan, it has also produced its own ghost.

In two separate PSAs, the Saga Prefectural Dental Association features “Sabako”, an apparent relative of the homicidal ghost Sadako from Koji Suzuki’s novel The Ring (basis of the Japanese movie Ringu and the US version The Ring).  While Sadako murders anyone who watches a video and fails to convince others to watch it, Sabako merely cares about her teeth… enough to haunt dentists’ offices, possess patrons and spend time practicing flossing techniques in front of a mirror.

Unless you speak or read Japanese, you won’t be able to follow the words in the videos.  The images are more than enough to get the point across, however.  Brush your teeth.  After all, you don’t want to make monsters angry.

Question of the night: What’s your favorite monster?

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