Two Minus One Equals Third Party

Within a short period of time Trump has sold out and insulted our allies while fawning over Putin and the Russian empire.  A lot of people have said at this rate, Trump and his supporters in Washington are going to ruin the credibility of the Republican party and, thus, destroy the party itself.  I fear this will cause the ruin of our multi-party system.

Like it or not, the two major parties own the system as it is.  Yes, we get a few independent candidates on The Hill, a few third party people.  But, for the most part, the game is run by the Democrats and the Republicans.  If things keep up at half the rate they are now, the Republican party is going to be little more than a home for hardcore Nationalists and the butt of jokes.  Whether the Democrat party courts those who abandon ship or takes the opportunity of a vacuum in competition to go full socialist can only be guessed at right now.  The real concern is that no party should have that much power without competition.  We need that minimum of two perspectives to keep each other in check, and to make sure that our laws and policies will reflect as many Americans as possible.  Without outside eyes the system is even more primed for corruption.

History has shown us what happens when a nation has only one party with no one to keep it in check.  It never ends well.

If the Republican party fails, there will be a void.  We need that void filled as soon as humanly possible.

This is where I call on America’s third parties.  Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Federalists, Greens – we need you.  Ready or not, your presence is absolutely necessary in the coming months and years.  We need you to mobilize, run candidates, get the word out about alternatives, and most importantly, be someone to answer to.

Yes, no matter how well you do it will be an uphill battle.  You will have to work twice as hard to be taken half as seriously. There isn’t room for any Aleppos.  It may not be fair but it is the reality.

Prove to the general public that, yes, you are ready for prime time.  America needs you.

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