U.S. Postal Service Investigating Sexual Harassment Claim

Mel Watt official photo as Director of the Federal Housing Financial Agency.

Politico — Former Democratic Congressman from North Carolina, Current Federal Housing Finance Agency director Mel Watt, is under investigation for repeatedly making sexual advance toward a FHFA staffer.

Politico reported Friday that according to documents and partial transcripts of tapes, the magazine obtained, one of the conversations that took place was in a 2016 meeting about the employee’s salary, but that “Watt steered the discussion toward his feelings for the woman.” In a separate incident, Watt asked, “if I kissed that one would it lead to more?” Referencing the woman’s ankle tattoo.

The employee has filed an Equal Employment Opportunity complaint, her lawyer, Daine Seltzer Torre, confirmed the investigation to Politico, “There is an investigation in progress. Our preference is to let that investigation proceed.”

 The New York Times — Confirmed with Torre, that the investigation was focused on her clients compliant explaining to the Times, that her client, was not the person who made the documents public, “She really just wants the investigation to go forward. She’s an unwilling and unwitting focus of the media right now.”

Neither Politico or The New York Times named the woman who filed the compliant.

Watt issued a statement calling the leak politically motivated, “The selective leaks related to this matter are obviously intended to embarrass or to lead to an unfounded or political conclusion. However, I am confident that the investigation currently in progress will confirm that I have not done anything contrary to law.”

Watt who is seventy-two was appointed to the position of director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency by former President Barack Obama in 2013.

The Untied States Postal Service is handling the investigation and offered no comment to Politico or the New York Times.

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