Watch Live: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Testimony

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is set to testify before the Senate Foreign Affairs committee at 3 p.m. eastern/ noon pacific.

He is expected to face questions on the Russia Summit, North Korea, and more.

USA Today reports among committee members, retiring Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) is concerned about what may have been promised during the two-hour long private meeting between President Trump and Putin, “All of us are worried about what was promised, I mean whether it has to do with military exercises, troop placement, NATO expansion, we just don’t know.”

Another committee member Senator Chris Coons (D-Del) according to USA Today is set to ask about the White House announcement of a planned Putin visit to the White House, Coons, doesn’t believe it’s, “wise to invite President Putin to American soil.”

When an stream is made available the story will be updated, but you can watch it @ the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee website.

CBS live feed

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