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The Wall Street Journal: Sergio Marchionne the man responsible for merging two of the weakest car companies in the auto industry Fiat and Chrysler turning that combination into a profit generator has died. He was 66 years old. His death comes as he was being treated for complications following a surgical procedure on his right shoulder in July.

His death was announced on Wednesday by the company that controls Fiat Chrysler, Exor SpA.

The Wall Street Journal/NBC poll: Data used for the poll

Demographic used: Among Republicans President Trump is @ 88 percent job approval.

Poll survey taken: July 15th-July 18th

Number of people polled: 900 registered voters

Margin of error: plus or minus 3.27 percentage points

The article explaining the data points adds, “Questions about Russian interference in the election were asked only on July 16-18 and have a margin of error of plus or minus 3.87 percentage points for the full sample.”

For Contrast

Real Clear Politics Average poll for the dates July 6th through July 25th, they have his job approval average at 43.1 percent approve — 52.9 percent disapprove.

For a breakdown of the meeting between EU commission president Jean-Claude Juncker and President Trump @ The News Blender

Brian Kemp won the runoff election on Tuesday, the general election is in November 2018.


Twitter Shadow Ban @ The News Blender 

On Wednesday The State Department announced that Pastor Andrew Brunson was “moved from Buca Prison to house arrest in Turkey.”

NBC News: Reports that President Trump Tweet comes hours after Vice President Mike Pence, while closing out a three day conference on religious freedom in Washington, said, “the United States of America will impose significant sanctions on Turkey.”

Andrew Brunson who is fifty years old, had been in prison one and half years, Turkey’s state run media Anadolu sites, “health problems,” as the reason for his move from prison to house arrest.

Brunson the evangelical Christian pastor faces up to fifteen years in prison for what NBC reports is “committing crimes on behalf of terror groups without being a member.” He also faces an additional twenty years if he is convicted of espionage.

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