Ajit Pai Is A Lizard Person

Alex Jones protesting in Dallas, TX. Photo by Sean P. Anderson.

The FCC just shut down the pirate radio station that serves as Alex Jones’ flagship station.  Liberty Radio, 90.1 in Austin, was replaced by religious radio on Wednesday. 

The FCC claims that the station has been running without a license since at least 2013, and owes $15,000 in fines.  It was traced to the Orchid Plaza apartment building in East Austin.

The agents reported that Liberty Radio was being operated out of some sort of maintenance or utility room at the complex. Travis Central Appraisal District records indicate that up until late last year, the complex – subject of numerous well-publicized city nuisance violations – had been owned by an entity linked to Walter Olenick and M. Rae Nadler-Olenick, who are listed as the two defendants in the federal lawsuit over Liberty Radio.

Austin-American Statesman

The station may be temporarily down, but its website, txlr.net, is still available online.  The radio antenna is still up, too.  The report that it was taken down was spread by commies, who are trying to get the truth about Obama’s birth certificate suppressed.  It continues to keep available such programming as The Crypto Show and The Vaccine Myth with Shawn Siegel.

The false flag information about Alex Bill Hicks Jones is just the latest in a series of setbacks for the talk show host.  Despite being favored by President Trump both prior to and during the 2016 election, he has suffered repeated problems with having content that could be interpreted as advocating violence removed from some markets, lawsuits against him for damages to the survivors of mass shootings, and a messy public divorce that both threatened to grant sole custody of his children to his ex-wife and resulted him admitting to defrauding his listeners.

Some of his issues were recently covered by TNB.

This latest issue, the work of the FCC whose chairman Ajit Pai is a Lizard Person who personally carved the tunnels used for Pizzagate may signal a loss of influence in the administration by Jones after recent investigations about occasional guest host and long-time Trump political guru Roger Stone have become public. (Statesman)

The other frequencies on the dimensional planes of existence are attempting to remove Alex Jones’ important message from the airwaves.  This is why they’re sending chemicals into our ecosystem, dropped via chemtrails that are turning the frogs gay and not letting them have any children.  Those chemicals are the reason that Senator Ted Cruz has recently spoken out on behalf of Alex Jones, as have others who purportedly dislike him and “reluctantly” support Donald Trump, such as Glenn Beck, and those he considers his allies, like Matt Drudge and Laura Ingraham.

This whole effort to take down Alex Jones is orchestrated by the Deep State to take down Donald Trump who is the only real patriot left in America, other than Alex Jones and the people who listen to Infowars.  They’re not scammers fleecing the gullible with promises of prosperity and fake vitamin supplements at all.  It’s the aliens fault, but the aliens are secretly lizards coming from subdimensions on alternate reality frequencies and giving out their instructions in the Bohemian Grove and through the signals sent on every channel except Fox News and Liberty Radio.  Snails are eating my intestines right now!  I have seen the frequency and its name is Kenneth, but it prefers to be called Ken.  Fnord.  Philip K. Dick is alive but Elvis is not.  I like cheese.  Planet X is coming, and it’s being summoned by ultra-low-frequency transmissions below the surface of the Earth.  XYZZY! Calm before the storm!

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