Debunking the Denver Airport

Did you know that the Denver Airport was built by Freemasons and secretly has underground tunnels that effectively comprise a secret government city?

Well, it doesn’t.  But some people think it does.  But it’s just close enough to the truth to get some people extrapolating.

Denver is a beautiful city.  The buildings, however, are virtually designed to inspire conspiracy theorists.  The masonry of some of the older buildings is emblazoned with symbols associated with the “secret society” of the Freemasons and they are often just outside of casual viewing.

This is because the Freemasons are a restrictive organization that specifically targets their memberships to the influential people in a community, Denver has the oldest Masonic Lodge in Colorado, and they have one of the most active Lodges in the country.  (Denver Post)  With their Lodge situated prominently downtown, it’s not surprising to learn that the building has symbols on it.  Nor is it amazing to learn that in the past, prominent members used other motifs for decorations on their own buildings.

Most notable among these is the Denver Airport, which openly displays statements of appreciation to the local Freemasons for their aid in constructing the building.  The fact that the statement is on a time capsule (what’s IN there?) and the name of the advisory board as the “New World Airport” (New World Order, anyone?) merely complete the image.

There’s the first element.

The second element is the art of the airport.  Anyone who’s ever driven past the giant horse has to admit it’s freakish.  It’s not the only piece of elaborate design, nor is it the only odd art.  The art includes a large, curious mural that is rumored to hide secret messages.

The third element for the conspiracy is the existence of an elaborate tunnel system underneath the airport.  It does exist, and camera crews were finally allowed to view it in 2010:

The design elements, also, are not surprising.  Go to the convention center in Denver and you’ll see the same type of modernistic approach to design.  It happens when city leaders decide they want to lure businesses and tourism to their city, and ask for new architecture.  That’s not conspiracy, that’s a basic element of trade… trying to make a product appealing to a potential buyer.

The art, particularly the giant mural, does hold secret messages.  According to the artist, it represents concerns about war and environmental destruction and hope for peace.  Is this obvious?  No, because it’s art.  Having had a professional artist as a dear friend and a few others as friendly acquaintances, a lack of clarity is not just understandable, it’s expected.  Most fine artists are seeking an emotional reaction to their art and don’t want to simply produce something photorealistic and obvious.

That leaves the tunnels.  Theorists say there are two more levels to the airport, and those levels house secret bunkers or alien autopsy rooms.  

It’s possible.  The tunnels are huge, and all it would take would be one secret, out-of-the-way door to provide access to the special location.  But that theory would also require people to regularly enter that door and not be noticed by anyone passing by; it would require heating, ventilation, and electric power elements, as well as food and plumbing, if they were regularly used or even maintained.  Possible… but exceedingly unlikely.  Moreso when it is considered that Denver is near a fault line, and an earthquake, while unlikely to topple any buildings, could easily expose a carefully maintained underground location.

The most damning part of all of this is the fact that the bunkers, according the the “professionals” among the theorists who “deciphered the clues”, are due to be used in a takeover attempt by the New World Order… in 2012.  The fact that it didn’t happen shouldn’t be too amazing, though, if the rest of the conspiracy is looked at with even a modicum of healthy skepticism.

The most dangerous thing about Denver is not a secret government city housing alien bodies nestled underneath the airport.  It’s the fact that some of the street vendors out at night during conventions don’t fully cook their hot dogs.  TRUST ME ON THIS.

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