Debunking the Hillary Kill List Part 2 – Vince Foster & Friends

For part one, please see last week.

Vince Foster is the most prominent name on the list of people who were supposedly killed by Bill and Hillary Clinton.  He is, effectively, the headlining star through which all of the lesser acts are expected to gain some attention and prominence.  This is because he was a long-time associate and friend of the Clintons and was perceived to have had a set of core principles.  It was hoped by many that if Foster could be convinced to offer evidence against the Clintons, they would face justice for their alleged crimes.  Instead, he committed suicide.

From the FBI, which has made the summary record available online due to continued interest in the case:

Vincent Foster Vincent Foster (1945-1993), a prominent lawyer from Arkansas, was the Deputy White House Counsel to President Clinton from 1991 to 1993. Depressed by critical media comments, Foster took his own life on July 20, 1993 at Fort Marcy Park in Virginia. U.S. Park Police led the investigation into Foster’s death. This release details FBI assistance in the investigation, including information concerning a letter written by Foster, handwritten case notes, and the medical examiner’s report that ruled his death a suicide.

Brett Kavanaugh, current nominee to be the newest Justice of the Supreme Court, oversaw a two year investigation into the death of Foster… and concluded that it was a suicide.  He has stated that his efforts to research the allegations against Clinton were a driving factor in why he believes Presidents should be immune from investigation while in office; he believes that the simple length of time a comprehensive analysis took furthered conspiracy theories, and when he finished, the evidence didn’t matter because those who believed the conspiracy rejected it.  (Washington Post)

Questions were raised.  The questions were investigated.  The theories were disproven.  And the fact that an investigation had been conducted was instead held up as “proof” that the questions were valid and the unsupported allegations were true.

The matter of multiple investigations by people with full access to the material collected at the site and all appropriate documentation, including interviews with those who knew him and dealt with him in the time immediately prior to the suicide are ignored or “explained away.”  Instead, the apparent disparities are used for monetary and political gain.  There are even multiple books on the subject, each assuring their readers that Foster was likely murdered.  Following Orders, The Strange Death of Vincent Foster, The Murder of Vince Foster, and many more.  In their reporting on the odd, coincidental and politically helpful aspects of Foster’s death they are valuable reading.  That value is negated, however, by their insistence that all of the subsequent investigations were either incompetent or corrupted.

It was not that only Clinton-friendly media covered the story, either; Republican-leaning sources like Byron York of the Weekly Standard – arguably the most aggressive and prominent anti-Clinton media in the era before Fox News – covered the exhaustive detail of the investigation.

The view of a single writer with confirmation biases and using second-hand sources is presented as more authoritative.

It is plausible that a moral man who discovers that his closest friends are immoral may be depressed.  Further, it is plausible that a person who has spent much of his life seeing political gain that realizes his moral imperative is to discard the efforts of decades might feed depressed.  The very scenario that the conspiracy theorists argue proves that the Clintons would have reason to kill him also provides a clear explanation for why he might commit suicide.

Others with Clinton ties have committted suicide.  Recently there has been Anthony Bourdain, who was covered in a prior post, whose supposed death-sentence offense was to have said something at which Clinton fans took umbrage, despite having a long history of good relations not just with the Clintons but with the Democrat party in general.  Prior to that there was Klaus Eberwein, who in 2017 took his own life after being called to testify before the Haitian Senate for an investigation into a corruption scandal.  (Miami Herald)  Eberwein had been wealthy by Haitian standards, but had fallen on hard times and was working as an Uber driver in the Miami area.  The scandal investigation threatened to put him in prison for years.  His suicide, while regrettable, was not unreasonable.  He had no direct ties to the Clintons… but the fact that he was Haitian and Bill Clinton had been in charge of Haitian diplomatic outreach was enough.  A quote from Haitian activist Dahoud Andre against Bill Clinton, “The Clinton family, they are crooks, they are thieves, they are liars”, was re-attributed to Eberwein, and the investigation into improper petroleum dealings was re-attributed to an investigation into the Clinton Foundation.  With the new “facts” in place, the rationale for “arranged suicide” becomes clear.

Not all of the Clinton Kill List “murders” are so pathetic as to use quotes from other sources and unrelated evidence as their proofs, but many are.  Stay tuned next week for Debunking the Clinton Kill List Part 3 : Quick Hits

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