Everything Is Under Trumptrol(l)

TRump Putin Fake News parody. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

“Q” is an unnamed internet poster; as with any such posters it may be a person or group of people responsible for making comments.  But the comments are getting attention.

Q is the driving force behind QAnon – a group of true believers who are certain that none of the apparent disharmony in the White House or missteps in foreign policy is real.  Everything portrayed in the media is for show, everything is an act.  Trump is secretly large and in charge.  Trump was secretly recruited by the military to run for election, because they could not trust anyone else.  He is secretly working with Mueller to distract the politicians and the press so he can get work done.  There is a Deep State, absolutely, but Trump’s got a handle on it and is outmaneuvering them at every turn.

Trump might not be Jesus, but he can certainly outplay Him at chess.

The theories proposed by Q – and QAnon – will be handled in an upcoming Debunking thread, after Hillary’s Kill List is complete.  But it’s worth being addressed now for two reasons.

  1. Q is getting more popular.
  2. The press is noticing.

There are stories in major press outlets about QAnon – CNN, NPR, CBS, Washington Post, and many, many others.

It is a conspiracy theory predicated on two notions, both heavily promoted by Trump and his supporters.  1) You cannot trust anything you see in the media and 2) Trump will save us.  From those two kernels has grown the movement.

The notion of collectivism is key to QAnon.  One person, by themselves, are not particularly valuable (except Q, of course, and Trump… the leaders themselves are to be obeyed without question) but as a collective they are powerful.  And, because the combined wisdom of millions is greater than the wisdom of a single person, they are all-wise.

The fact that they embrace the underpinning philosophies of communism are of no importance to them.  Worse, they firmly believe they are doing the opposite.  There’s an old Steve Martin skit where he encourages the audience to repeat after him.

“I promise to be different!” (everyone in the crowd repeats) “I promise to be unique!” (everyone repeats) “I promise not to repeat things other people say!” (confused muttering).  The people of QAnon are the crowd of Steve Martin, before the punchline.  They believe they are being brilliant, special, and unique… by belonging to a collective and promoting it.

The video below has almost 200,000 views.  There are others.  And there are many, many posts on Twitter about it, with hashtags about QAnon, WWG1WGA (Where we go one, we go all) and MAGAAwakening.


QAnon arose out of 4Chan.  To anyone experienced with the internet, that should be enough to discredit it wholly.  I admit, I never thought I’d see the day when people took 4Chan seriously as anything more than a place for mockery or for joint trolling operations against targets both deserving and innocent (on 4Chan, it’s always been more fun to troll first, ask questions later.)

Q first posted on 4Chan promoting Pizzagate theories.  Despite the obvious comparison to FBIAnon, who also arose on 4Chan claiming a government position of the highest clearances and also promoted Pizzagate theories (as shown in that Debunking post at TNB), the QAnon members do not recognize any potential connection.

This is not a group whose theories deserve to be taken seriously.  But that in no way means that the group is not to be taken seriously.  The lure of the collective – a place where one can have purpose and value – in uncertain times is well documented, and collectivist movements have caused significant damage throughout history.

The debunking piece will be coming, because if you know people falling prey to this super-sized version of 9/11 Trutherism mixed with Marxist thought, you’re going to need to be prepared to talk them back to reality, even if they find that reality unpleasant.

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