Kellyanne Conway vs Chris Cuomo

Kellyanne Conway Satire as "V" Alien. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

Thursday morning found President Trump speaking to Fox & Friends show host Ainsley Earhardt as was reported @ The News Blender Thursday evening found Counselor to the President, Kellyanne Conway speaking with CNN’s Prime Time host Chris Cuomo. 

In the eight minute clip the two go back and forth, Cuomo pressing the issue as to President Trump lying about what he knew and when he knew it in regards to the payments to both Stephanie Clifford aka Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal.

Conway doesn’t answer the question right away, instead, she asks “where’s collusion?” She asks Cuomo if President Trump won the election fairly, Cuomo says, “he won the electoral college, that makes him President,” she says, “thank you very much. He’s your President too and it’s time to start showing some respect to this President.”

Cuomo goes on to play a clip from the recording that Cohen released as was reported @ The News Blender, through his attorney Lanny Davis, that Cohen taped without candidate Trump’s knowledge. Where Cohen and candidate Trump are speaking about at least one of the payouts, to at least one of the women in 2016. 

Conway then brings up the tape that Cohen had made of a two-hour meeting with Cuomo, it was as he explains later on in the exchange an “off the record,” meeting, that Cohen taped without Cuomo’s knowledge, Conway asks him what’s on the tape and Cuomo responds, “tons of stuff,” she then says, “then tell us, in the name of transparency and accountability what’s on the tape.”

Cuomo then tells her, “there is a little difference between me and the shop you are working for, it’s called integrity,” to which Kellyanne goes, “how dare you.” 

This happens about the six-minute and fifty seven mark, and she has still not answered the question. 

It’s around the seven minute and three second mark that Kellyanne, sort of answers the question, by saying, “I don’t admit he is lying,” to which Cuomo says, before her utterance and during, “you should admit he’s lying and you don’t and that’s why people don’t trust you.” 

She then says, “maybe your audience doesn’t because this is no longer CNN of breaking news, it’s CNN of Anti-Trump stuff…” 

Cuomo then tells Conway that she “has to admit it,” she says, “no I don’t,” with a hysterical laugh.

In this thirty-seven second clip recorded by a “fan,” it appears to pick-up where the CNN clip cut them off, Conway says to Cuomo, “the President was asked the same questions you are asking me, only he knows what he believes.”  

This clip is only fifty-five seconds long and focuses on the NFL kneeling controversy the two talk over each other, she asks if Cuomo puts his hand on his heart during the national anthem and he says, “yes I do,” she asks, “why,” and he says, “because it’s my damn choice that’s why, because it’s my damn choice cause I’m an American and I’ll exercise my freedom they way I want to.”


In this clip Conway tells Cuomo that CNN interfered in the election daily. They did this by having women on that accused the President of sexual misconduct and by playing the Access Hollywood tape. 

This is the full interview it is thirty-two minutes long

As a reminder this video is one-minute and forty six minute compilation of Conway appearing on CNN and saying “mean things,” about then candidate Donald Trump, the last clip happened shortly before Kellyanne Conway went to work for the campaign. She was hired by candidate Trump in July 2016. 

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