Monday and Tuesday Trump Tweets

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Trump Tweet 8/6/18 2:46 p.m. 

Trump Tweet 8/6/18 2:53 p.m. 

The News Blender — On August 5th, President Trump issued the same tweet as pictured below, deleted that tweet and issued the new one posted above hours later. 

Deleted Trump Tweet from 8/5/18

The News Blender — 17 fires burn, 9 people have died. As of Tuesday morning the Mendocino Complex Fire, which was two fires that joined and is now one fire, grew again, making it the states largest fire in the states modern history. 
The New York Times — As of Monday the Mendocino Fire had, “burned nearly 266,982 acres,” as of Tuesday morning the fire has burned, “290,600 acres,” as of yet, there have been no deaths reported in connection to the Mendocino fire. The cause of the fire is under investigation. 
For What It’s Worth — Cal Fire and other fire stations handling the blaze, are not, according to many local CA media sources, facing a water shortage, the issue is lack of man power, and exhaustion facing the firefighters, who are frankly putting their lives in danger to battle the seventeen blazes that have hit California, early into fire season, typical according to multiple sources, the worst fires happen later in fire season. 

Trump Tweet 8/7/18 2:31 a.m. 

The News Blender — President Trump signed an Executive Order reimposing the Iran sanctions. 

Trump Tweet 8/7/18 3:46 a.m. 

Twitter — In the “The Internet is Forever” column
On August 2nd 2018 President Trump endorsed Rep Steve Stivers he then deleted the tweet 

During the President’s rally held in Ohio the Saturday following the now since deleted tweet President Trump blamed the media for the error he made, saying in part, “They had this false report that I was supporting someone else,” he then called it, “fake news,” he then mentions Stivers by name, and says “did they apologize,” pointing to the media, “did you apologize for that mistake?” At that point the crowd boos and chants “CNN sucks.” 
CSPAN has the full rally transcript. The full rally can be found @ The News Blender 

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